Apr 23, 2014

Quote of the day

Saying something nice to someone doesn't take much effort on your part, but the results can be amazing. I know firsthand that if nobody says anything mean, the dinner table won't explode many nights at dinner. Saying something kind doesn't take much effort if it is genuine. A genuine compliment should be easy to say if you mean it. Good words make people feel good which is why they are so easy to say. Bad things are more difficult, because most of the time you know that it will hurt them (sometimes, we know it will hurt them and we are glad because that is what we intended to do. Don't worry, we all do it sometimes). Even if you are meaning to hurt them, a part of you deep down doesn't want the other person to be hurt, so saying those words might pain you in a way you don't even realize. Good words don't cost as much. You can say them as much as you want and the results will most always be desirable. They are worth so much but cost so little. Spread the joy of kindness, because that is something this world is slowly losing. Fill someone else's day with happiness with a few kind but powerful words.

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