Apr 25, 2014

Daily Quote

"Step by step and the thing is done."
-Charles Atlas
To get something done, you can't just jump in and do it all at one time. You have to take your time and get it done right. Take small chunks and work those chunks into perfection, then move on and do some more. For example, if you wanted to eat an entire pizza yourself, you can't just stuff the entire thing in your mouth without choking. You take slices from the pizza, then you take bites from the slices. Eventually, though, the pizza will be gone. It takes time and effort. But just remember that. Taking it step by step will actually help you get it done better. Don't put things off, because you are more likely to try to take bigger bites or just stuff the whole thing in your mouth. The results aren't as favorable. So take it slow, plan out in advance, and take it step by step until the thing is done.

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