Apr 17, 2014

Daily Quote

"The marble not yet carved can hold the form of every thought the greatest artist has."
An un-carved slab of marble can be carved into any shape the artist wants. It could be anything the artist thinks of, and anything the artist dreamed of. It can be carved the way the artist wants. This is very true in life. Our life is one big sculpture that we are carving. As we live our life, we carve more into the marble and create something wonderful. Whether we carve something great or something not so great is our choice, but once you are on the path to carving something not so great, it is hard to change it into something else after a certain point because it will already look too much like the terrible thing it is being carved after. Sometimes these terrible carvings are smaller then the good carvings. You can choose the design you want to carve, but you need to be careful because your knife could slip at any moment. 

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