Apr 6, 2014

Daily Quote

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."
-Albert Einstein
To be able to understand something fully is to be able to explain it to a four year old. If you can't use simple enough terms to be able to teach the concept to that little four year old, then you really don't know it well enough. A sign of if you know it well enough or not is whether you can explain it to not only a four year old, but someone that knows nothing of the topic. If that person who knows nothing about it understands after your explanation, I would say you're doing a pretty good job. This is good for when you are learning something, too. Try learning it in simple terms, and understanding the more complex part to it a little later. Get the basics down first. This is true with anything in life. Get the basics down first. When you learned to walk, you didn't just get up and run a marathon, now did you? No. You took baby steps and slowly learned to walk and talk. Take baby steps with everything you do, and when you learn something, dissect it into baby steps again and walk someone else through slowly and clearly. If you are wondering if you truly know something, then be able to explain that something to a four year old and you are good to go!

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