Apr 22, 2014

Daily Quote

Good leaders don't mind who gets the most credit. Good leaders want the whole team to thrive and grow. Good leaders are in it for the team,  and don't care as much about what is in it for them. They are willing to take one for the team, even if they know that it isn't their fault. A good leader will step up and take responsibility for what his or her team did, even if it was an individual's doings. When the team does something good, a good leader will give more credit to everyone else in the team, and won't claim all of the credit just because they are the team leader. Good leaders are hard to find, because in our modern world, everyone wants all the credit for themselves but wants to blame everything on everyone else. Step up to the challenge, and be the good leader you are looking for to lead you. Lead yourself and others around you into a better world and better life.

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