Apr 30, 2014

Daily Quote

"Truth has no special time of its own. Its hour is now - always."
-Albert Schweitzer
The truth isn't like a comet. It isn't like there is a certain short period of time every so often where it can be told. Truth doesn't have any special times. The truth can be told now, the truth can be told always. Don't wait to tell the truth, because the longer you keep a lie within you, the heavier it will press on you. When you tell the truth, that weight is lifted, and trust me. It feels amazing. I guess you could say my New Year's resolution (although not intentionally-- I didn't plan for it to be my New Year's resolution but thinking back, I started doing this right about then) was to really not tell lies. I had given up lying not to far before, but I wasn't really serious about it and I would still tell lies but quickly (by that I mean within 10 seconds) tell the truth because it weighed on me. But now, I have reached the next level in the gradual staircase leading me out of the dark pit of lies. I am able to tell the truth immediately for the vast majority of things. This is great, because you just suffer a little punishment, learn your lesson, use what you did wrong for the next time, but you won't have any weights of any kind on your shoulder. I encourage all of you to try to do the same and stop telling lies. I do have some advice, though: just remember it can't be done overnight and the whole process takes a while. I compared lying to a deep dark pit, and it really is. As humans, we get sucked in, and many don't find a way out. The 'gravity' in the pit is so strong that getting out is difficult. It takes a while, it takes slow, steady, gradual steps. But once you get past a certain point, it is so much easier and it comes naturally. It is really quite amazing when facing a situation I would have lied about in the past, and just speaking the truth right then and there. I hope you will take what I said into consideration and, if you haven't already, take the first step towards the truth. I myself am still somewhere on the staircase. I have not yet reached the top. But I can tell you this: even from where I am on the staircase I can experience some of the amazing things that come from the truth, and trust me. It is very rewarding.

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