Apr 9, 2014

Daily Story

A cow was resting and ruminating in her cowshed. A mosquito appeared and challenged the cow. "You have a feeling that you are stronger and larger than I am. I will show you how powerful I am."

 He gave sharp bites on the soft parts of the cow, evading every attempt of the cow to drive him away. The cow warned him with a kind and considerate look, "Please remember that pride goes before a fall."

The mosquito continued his attack, flying away from the wagging tail of the cow. Suddenly he was caught and entrapped in a spider web. His wings got stuck and he could not move. The spider sensed the fall of the prey and approached fast to paralyze the mosquito and kill it. The mosquito was frightened. He cried aloud, "Help me. I am caught in the web. Kindly forgive me. I am going to be killed. Please help me!"

The cow was very kind and gentle. With a careful light wag of her tail, she broke the web and released and saved the mosquito. The mosquito was ashamed of himself for boasting before the cow. He admitted his mistake. He pleaded, "You are definitely more powerful. Please forgive my ignorance and arrogance. Thank you for saving me. I will never disturb you."

"Please remember that pride goes before a fall."
These words, which the kind cow spoke to the mosquito in the effort of saving the mosquito before the incident happens, mean that sometimes peoples' pride gets to the point of destruction. They might be so proud and/or jealous of someone else that they become prideful and boastful. Usually, this behavior lands you in all kinds of trouble. Keep your compassionate heart and forgive others. Don't let their jealousy and rage get to you, for it is probably something going on in their lives. Be kind, and when the angry person "takes a fall," help them up again. This is what we were meant to do. 

Unfortunately, in this world we live in, this isn't what usually happens. People get angry, the person who is getting yelled at gets angry, and then there is a fight. Be different. Be the one to end the fight and help the person back up when they fall.

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