Apr 2, 2014

Daily Quote

Don't judge the day you've had based on how many things you got out of it, judge it based on what you put into it. Did you put your best effort into everything? Did you start something that you can pick up tomorrow and still be proud of? What have you set up that increases the chances of success for later when you harvest that fruit? If you have no answer to any of these questions, I suggest you start planting some good, wholesome seeds so you can carefully tend to them and be able to reap them later. Another thing-- if you did harvest some fruit today, was it yours? Be sure to do things for yourself and harvest the fruit you have planted for yourself. Share your successes with others, too. Sometimes, a seed planted may be planted by a couple people together. Work with them and make sure that seed grows big and strong. Carefully tend to your seeds not out of the attitude of just wanting the outcome, but do it because you want the seed to grow. Do it because you want your work to be actually good. Do it for the good of yourself and others.

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