Oct 24, 2014

Quote of the day

Goals are great. They give you some basic structure to build a great house. There's only one problem: goals are easy to forget about unless you really mean it. Many times I've made a goal and then worked on it for a few days, and then gave it up. It seems to happen like that quite often. But that's where discipline comes in. If you are never disciplined enough to stick to it and keep doing it until it's accomplished, you're never going to complete your goal. That's why discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. Anyone can make a goal. Some are better than others, but everyone can make them. Some are forced by someone else-- for example, sometimes we are forced to make goals just because it's a good group activity for individuals. Sometimes, though, we make extravagant personal goals that are almost impossible to reach. These often have to do with trying to correct our imperfections that we are the most insecure about. Other goals are more realistic and accomplishable, but we drop them quickly. There are more types of goals then those, like the one that is realistic and accomplishable and exciting or grabbing enough to make you complete it, but these are the basics. None of them are impossible. You just have to be disciplined enough to make it routine until the goal is accomplished. Many goals require that you keep working as if working towards the goal, even when the goal is accomplished. But if there's one thing about goals I've learned, it takes a high level of discipline to get up and act on the goals that we just sat down and wrote.

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