Oct 16, 2014

Quote of the day

"Things turn out for the best for those who make the best of the way things turn out."
If you make the best of the way life goes, you will get the best results. So if your life isn't the best thing in the world but you make the best of it, things are likely to turn out better for you. If you don't make the best out of whatever happens but you have a great life, sure, your life will continue to be good, but since you aren't making the best of it you are wasting some of it away which is why it won't end up turning out the best. This is true for anything. If you just let life take you on a roller coaster, make the best of it by enjoying it. When it lets you choose to turn right or left, make the best of the situation and do what you think will benefit you, and, what you actually want to do. Things turn out best for the people who can make the best out of however things just end up turning out.

Special thanks to my Grandmother for suggesting this quote.

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