May 2, 2014

Quote of the day

"It is easier to go down a hill than up, but the view is from the top."
-Arnold Bennett
While it is easier to take the easier and less bumpy road, you still have to take the harder path sometimes. We all know that the best view of anything is from the top, and the only way to get there is by going up hill. So don't be afraid to step a little out of your shell. Get a little bit dirty! Take the path that will lead to success, no matter how steep it is! Yes, sometimes we do need to take the downhill path, but we also need to find our way to the top. If you focus and believe you can do it, you can climb that whole mountain! Once you get to the top, you will be able to see clearly. Everything will be visible and the view will be spectacular. But it takes work to get there. But where would we be if we didn't work hard?

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