May 10, 2014

Quote of the day

"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things."
-Robert Brault
I'd like to thank my father for this quote. He emailed this to me this morning, and in his email he wrote something like, "as I watch the videos of you when you were little, I realize the quote is right!" Thinking back, I wish I knew what I knew today because there are so many things I took for granted that I don't get today. For example, when I was very young, my parents would play with me and entertain me and care for every single thing I needed 24/7. Now, I don't get that kind of attention because I don't need it. Quite honestly, If they gave me that kind of attention I am not sure I would want it either. But back then I didn't realize what a huge effort my parents had to put in to keep me busy and entertained all day. The constant board games and story books and everything they captured in our home videos were a huge effort on my parents, and I wish that if only I could have been that thankful back then. Tomorrow is mother's day (or for those of you who receive these posts by email, today is mother's day), and I can't wait to show my mother that I do care and that I am thankful for everything my mother as well as my father did for me to help make me the person I am today.

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