May 19, 2014

Daily Quote

"We may give without loving, but we cannot love without giving."
-Bernard Meltzer
It is possible to give a gift without loving, but you can't love without giving. If you donate to charity because you are forced to, you are giving without loving. If you are forced to participate in a gift exchange program or you willingly do so without caring who gets your gift, you are giving without loving. But if you love someone, you are giving them yourself and your love. So therefore if you love someone you are giving, and you can't love without giving. Also, if you give gifts or donations to friends, family, or charities and you give these gifts willingly, you are expressing love. Love through giving. As they always say, it's better to give than receive. But that doesn't mean to never receive! In order to receive, you first must give. Give gifts of love, give gifts with love. Because if there isn't giving, it isn't love and if it isn't loving, it is forceful giving.

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