May 12, 2014

Daily Quote

If it is daytime, it is difficult to hide the sun. If it is nighttime, it is difficult to hide the moon. The light from the sun will be surrounding you, and in order to hide the sun you have to hide all light it sheds, and that is impossible. Same goes for the moon, because the light being reflected by the moon covers miles and miles and miles (your entire time zone) with its light. You can't hide the moon. Likewise, the truth can't be hidden for long. Not only will it tear at you until it comes out, but the longer it is kept the longer it will tear at your relationships with others. Lies will always do damage, but they do less the sooner you tell the truth. The other thing about lies is that eventually someone will find out. How they do it I do not know, but every single time, in a matter of time, someone finds out. And if the truth comes out by way of someone else, that is even more damaging than if you say it yourself. Like the sun and the moon, the truth can't be hidden forever.

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