May 17, 2014

Quote of the day

"As with anything creative, change is inevitable."
When doing something creative, you are exploring. You are letting your mind wander into the unknown, you are not going by a set book of rules. You are creating and doing in a way that is not written somewhere. You are doing it your own way with your own touches, and you are pouring your own heart and soul into it. While you are doing whatever it is you are doing, something will always change. You will go back and change a detail or change your mind on what something will be or something like that. Something will change. Change is bound to happen in anything in life. Much like creativity, change is unavoidable. Something will come up, someone will die, someone will take power, someone will give up power. Someone will love you, someone will hate you, someone will do better than you, someone will do worse than you. Something could always happen that could change your life, even in the tiniest or biggest ways. Something will happen that was never written down somewhere. Remember, your life isn't set in stone. Something could always come up and change it. God does have a plan for you, but he hasn't mapped out every little thing you will do or say. Change is inevitable, just like creativity.

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