Dec 9, 2014

Quote of the day

"Let us permit nature to have her way. She understands her business better than we do."
-Michel de Montaigne
Human development is great. Really, advancement is quite amazing. But sometimes we just need to set some of mother nature's work aside so that mother nature can take care of it. She knows herself much better than we do. This topic is somewhat sensitive to some people more than others, as some people care deeply about our environment and some care deeply about our progress as humans. I feel comfortable doing this post because I believe both things. I personally believe that we should be careful with our environment and try to preserve it, stop global warming, recycle, be environmentally aware, conserve precious resources, and all of those things, because this is our world. We only have one world and it doesn't belong only to your generation. Think about it! Your elders, You, your kids, your grandkids, your great grandkids, your great great grandkids, on and on, etc. are going to live on the same earth until it ends. Don't you want the best for them? Studies have said lots of things, and the future looks scary. Honestly, I feel bad for our distantly futuristic relatives. But on the flip side, just look. Look how far we as humans have come! It's amazing what we've accomplished and what we are to accomplish. If you live inside a bubble where you just accept that everything was there and it's all good and everything is ok and the food you eat and the furniture you sit on is just there, life seems even better. If you're thinking environmentally you probably stress over what the factory making of the items did to the environment. But if not, if you live in that comfortable bubble, you can appreciate even more our advancements. It really is quite amazing and incredible what we've built and set up for ourselves. But back to the environment for one more closing thought-- even in our world of achievement and power, it's important to let mother nature do what she needs to do with herself, and it's even more important to do our parts to give her enough space to let her do this. You might have completely different opinions on this topic, but that was my opinion. Think of this what you want, just remember that nature knows itself better than we do.

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