Dec 7, 2014

Daily Quote

Never overlook the obvious. Sometimes, your big opportunity to fulfill your life's dream is right there in front of you, and has been the whole time! Right here, right now, you may be in the presence of something life changing. In fact, you are always in the presence of something that could change your life for good or bad. For example, I'm sitting at my desk and looking at a candle. That candle could change my life if I wanted it to-- I could make it burn the house down, I could make it burn all of my hair off, I could make it burn my clothes or my skin. I'm in the presence of something that could seriously alter my life and the lives of others around me. Of course I wouldn't ever actually do any of those things with a candle, not on purpose anyway. But another example of something I'm near right now that could change my life is my phone. There is so much that you can do on a phone so I'm sure it could drastically change your life. The point is, right where you are now might have something that can change your life-- it might have your big opportunity! So be attentive and never overlook the obvious!

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