Dec 11, 2014

Daily Story

                         A farmer had a banana farm. It was his only means of livelihood. Vehicles were not common in that remote village. The farmer had six children. When the fruits were ready for sale, he used to call his sons and place one bunch of banana on the head of each son. But he used to judge the weight of the bunch with his hands before placing it on a child. The lightest bunch was placed on the youngest son and the heavier bunches on the elder children in the order of age and strength. The he would carry the heaviest bunch on his own head and lead the children to the market, sell the fruits and return together happily. This continued for several years.

                         A man has to endure a lot of trials, troubles and tribulations in his life. In moments of despair and depression we may ask God why we are constantly being exposed to suffering and pain.

                         God, our loving Father acts just like this father. He would place a load of difficulties on our heads, but would place just the proper load for each of us, what each of us can bear and carry without much discomfort. The burdens we receive in our life are the best suited for our life. God will reward us for our patient acceptance of His will.        
                         Life is not a bed of roses but a path of thorns. God gives us burdens; and He also gives us shoulders! We are like tea bags. Our strength is revealed only when we get into hot water! Stumbling blocks and stepping stones differ only in the way we use them. Adversity is the best university.

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