Sep 25, 2013

Daily Quote

"If I am what I have and if I lose what I have who then am I?"
-Erich Fromm
Unfortunately, in this world people are judged for what they have not who they are. If you have a ton of stuff and live in a mansion, then people might see you as the greedy spoiled rich person. But if you live in a humble home with few belongings, then people may see you as poor. But this has nothing to do with who you are- no matter what you have, we are all equal. We are special works of God, and in his eyes, we are all wealthy. With love from him. He will never stop loving you. No matter what he does, he will never love you less. God created you, and God doesn't make junk. 
But what you have has little to no relation to who you are. Because if you lost everything, would that really change who you truthfully are inside? No. You would still be the same, just with less physical 'things.' Just know that no matter what, you are always loved. And you are not what you have, but you are who you are. Be true to yourself and let your light shine!

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