Dec 14, 2013

Daily Quote

Be yourself. Even if you know that if you were yourself, everyone would shun you to the end of eternity. Of course, no one would do that. In fact, it is really nice when people are their true selves. It is quite frustrating, though, when you see someone you've known your whole life... Except that it's not them anymore. They are being someone they are not just because they want to be like everyone else. Be unique! Who wants to be like everyone else, anyway? I dare you- be yourself. It may be frightening, it may be strange. Your real you could be frightening or strange, too. Just be yourself..
I know that's what I want to see in someone. Chances are, others want that too.
This is an incredibly important lesson that even many adults still haven't figured out.
Trust me. Be yourself.

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