Mar 29, 2014

Daily Quote

"When all else is lost, the future still remains."
-Christian Nestell Bovee
The future is always out there. It is an opportunity to do, well, anything you want to do! When you feel sad, or down, or life just seems to be tough, the future will always be there for you as an opportunity to try again. Keep trying... While the first time may not be a success, it helps break the ground to an amazing future. Keep trying. When all else seems lost, you've got plenty of time to find it again. The sky's the limit. Do what you love, love what you do. If you walk into things simply because you want to and because that is what you love to do, then if you win or if you lose, it doesn't matter. You are doing it out of the joy of doing it. Remember that experience can be more powerful then any award you will ever be given. Experience is knowledge for life, awards are just a piece of paper or a plaque or a trophy or a ribbon. There is more to life then those physical items. Winning provides the winner with a sense of pride, which is something good that comes out of it. But no matter if you win or not, the experience you gain and the friends you make are what really count.

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