Jul 26, 2013

Blankets for the Patients at the Hospital

Recently, I have been making blankets for the patients in the hospital. These blankets are for patients both children and adults. They are just small knit blanket 'lovies' for them to hold, little soft things to comfort them. I talked to the NCL (National Charity League) president for my league, and she talked to the hospital, and they decided it was a great idea.

So far, I have made 4 blankets of 3 different sizes. first, I have 2 9x9s made with a super soft light blue, white and light green yarn. 

Next, I used a different technique and made a different size. It is an 8x8 made with the same material of yarn, this time pink, purple and white.

After I made the 8x8, I made (using the same pink, purple and white yarn) another. This time it is roughly 11x11. My mom and I have decided that this is the right size for future reference.

Here is the comparison of the two pink purple and white ones:

Since I have run out of the blue, green, and white yarn and I am very close to finishing the pink, purple, and white one as well, I will be using my teal colored yarn for my next blanket. Now that I have got the size figured out, I am excited to be making more blankets in the future!

The brand of yarn seen in the above blankets is called Bernat® Baby Blanket™. It is super soft and I highly recommend it for any knitting/crochet project.

The brand I will be using for my teal colored blanket will be Loops & Threads™Charisma™.
I am excited for more projects in the future, and later I will do a post on the looms I used to make these blankets. They are a simple and easy way to knit without using knitting sticks! Just to give you all an idea, the looms look like this.

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